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Your advertising advisory team for social media strategy and brand evolution.

Marketing Rx is a full service Social Media Marketing firm for companies that recognize the need to build their brand & grow their business through Social Media Marketing. Our team is a world class group of Certified Social Media Stars who are obsessed with Social Media Results for Business.  We are all about setting goals and high fiving our clients when we achieve!

The Marketing Rx Mission: To empower and support clients in choosing the best and most influential direction on digital and social media marketing.  Strategize and position all clients to be a category leader with custom made consulting services, digital and social media strategy and implementation and workshops.  Teaching and consulting on brand influence, sales, and social media community engagement. Never stop pushing.  Always innovate.  

Awards and Certifications


Team Rx

Kimberly Allison

Kimberly Allison


Kimberly loves:

  • Salt – on most things
  • Breaking rules
  • Sipping wine with good friends
  • Learning and being inspired
  • Social Media
  • Her dog Surf the Sheltie
  • Surfing in Hawaii
  • Being a partner in success
  • Capturing moments 
  • Sitting Oceanside and watching the waves
  • Golfing
  • Her husband
  • Traveling the world
  • Coffee
  • Winning!

Kimberly Allison

Founder/CEO, Chief Engagement Officer

It’s an exciting world of media choices for any business owner. It can also feel complicated, overwhelming and confusing. I believe that ALL marketing and advertising is expensive if you aren’t specific and on target with your message and if it doesn’t grow your sales and brand. It takes courage to be different and stand out and to measure your results. And different today is very different than 10, 6, even 3 years ago. And the marketing and advertising landscape is changing every day! We help you navigate the water and surf the waves!
— Kimberly Allison

Kimberly has more than 17 years experience in film, radio and television.  Her history spans from On Air Television Personality (Outdoor Life Network and Sportsnet), to Writer/ Producer & Director (A-Channel, CityTV, Insight Sports/ Aquila Productions, Frame 30, AppleBox Productions).

And most recently she invested 6 years as a Senior Advertising Consultant (Radio Sales) at Magic 99 and 102.3 Now!Radio.  This is where Kimberly learned the power of social media and conversational marketing. Which is why she left radio and started her own Social Media Marketing Firm, Marketing Rx.  Marketing Rx is the leading Social Media Marketing firm in Edmonton.

I am fascinated & curious about advertising, and communication. I am always asking WHY? Why do people ENGAGE in a brand or disengage in another? Why did you choose one restaurant over another? And why isn’t a companies brand consistent among all customer touch points? Including Website, external marketing, social media, staff, in store and mission. It absolutely imperative for a brand to be consistent and on-brand EVERYWHERE. Consistently builds brand loyalty.
— Kimberly Allison

Kimberly is a multiple award winning advertising consultant.  Kimberly and her team at Marketing Rx have doubled and tripled clients businesses with annual creative and campaign strategies every year.  Kimberly thrives on seeing her clients succeed.



Lisa Topolinsky


Like a horse of many colours, Lisa is a woman of many interests, most of
which relate to creativity: music, design, marketing, and beauty/fashion, to name a few. She is also interested in social interactions, and what makes people tick. This

interest prompted her to study Sociology at Brock University, not far from her small-town home in Ontario. During her studies, she focused on how the media and marketing had an influence on social ideals. Upon graduating from Brock University, Lisa returned to school for a short stint in Graphic Design at Niagara College before grabbing a one-way ticket to the bustling metropolis known as Edmonton.

Arriving in 2009, Lisa turned to social media to connect with and discover her new home. She took the leap and joined the still-newish platform Twitter, and never looked back. Lisa fell in love with the sense of community, the breaking news, hilarious animal gifs, and meeting many incredible people over the years – including MarketingRx founder, Kimberly Allison!

When not browsing social media platforms, Lisa can often be found enjoying some laughs with friends, slaying it at karaoke, or relaxing at home watching Netflix in her Oilers onesie.

Lisa is Social Marketing Certified, and specializes in social engagement and conversation, with a deep understanding that creating an interactive account with personality is what draws in new followers and generates brand loyalty.



Taryn Hardes

Social Content Specialist

Taryn Hardes is a social content specialist at Marketing Rx. A graduate of English Literature at the University of British Columbia, Taryn’s true passion is storytelling. She has previously worked as a blogger, writer, editor, and marketer, so social media has been an exciting and natural progression! Taryn has trained on social media and inbound marketing through various conferences across the United States, and studied marketing, editorial, and publishing at New York University.

When she’s not scanning Twitter, Instagram, and the blogosphere for the newest trends in fashion, marketing, and pop culture, Taryn can be found jogging, biking, skiing, or taking a yoga class. Taryn is also an avid eater, reader, and traveller, and tends to do all three in simultaneous fashion.

Taryn specializes in content creation and still gets a rush from a particularly successful social post. She believes in the power of quality content in the social space and can’t wait to see where social media goes next.

There are half a dozen more SECRET SOCIAL STARS on our team.