Hire Kimberly Allison and Marketing Rx to set up and direct your social media marketing.

Perhaps you have a marketing person in house at your business that has not been trained on how to use Social Media to grow your business.

We work with your team and train them as well as set up, strategize, and analyze your Social Media marketing. This will deliver higher engagement, increased fans, as well as leads and profitability. Fuel your profits with social media marketing.

Social media networks provide an online portal where you can find and attract your target customer through content and conversations. No one wants to pick up the phone or email anymore. By developing your social media strategy and then have us Direct, Analyze and Measure your social media efforts, you will create a network of raving fans for your business and attract interest, questions, and leads.   

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FOR MORE INFORMATION about social media marketing & management for your business, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US: 

Kimberly Allison
CEO/ Director
Marketing Rx Inc.
Email: Kimberly@marketingrx.ca