For digital marketing to successfully drive leads to your business, you need to first put together a strategic plan of action. You need to outline your brand voice, your core values, and then understand who your target customers are and the problems they’re facing.  You also need to understand how, where and when to distribute problem-solving content to them in order to convert action. 

If you book into our Digital Brand & Strategy Workshop, we take 2-3 hours to uncover all of the above, and create a 20-30 page report with a Blue Print for Social Media Success for your business.  You also receive a ONE PAGE SOCIAL MEDIA PLAY BOOK for your business.  This 1 page is a summary of your brand and the strategy going forward and can be distributed to your team and referred to often to ensure all of your marketing is aligned and on purpose. 

Price: $2500 plus GST.


2-3 hour live session to uncover the following:

1. Your corporate brand personality
Define your brand's voice, and learn how to keep it consistent and avoid embarrassing social media failures

2. Key words & passion points

3. Your goals & objectives
Explore and expand your own social marketing objectives and priorities across all of your business units

4. Target Audiences
Identify your target market, where they are and how to influence them

5. Competitors
We find out who your top competitors are, what are they doing well, where are they lacking, where's the opportunity for your business.  

6. Current Content Assessment
If you are on social media right now, we will analyze and provide feedback on your content. We show you what’s good and what you should change to achieve higher return on investment 

7. Social Media Channels Optimization & Tactics Strategy
We explain  the 70/30 rule and create a strategy in line with your business goals. Stop selling and start helping. 

8. Advertising Recommendations
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and LinkedIn all have advertising opportunities. We will suggest the ones that make sense for your target audience and your budget.

9. Contest Ideas. 
We give you a number of contest ideas that are in line with your brand and that will make your target audience follow you on Social and stay connected.

10. List of places to look for content to curate
You don’t have to build all of the content. Share others content and repurpose to build your social fans and influence.  We share great places to source images, news, videos and more.  

11. Measurement 
Deciding on metrics to determine WINS for your business.  We also recommend analytics programs to invest in that will help you see what's working well so you can tweak your social media posts accordingly. 

12. Recommendations for Additional Training & Workshops

If your team isn't familiar with the Social Media channels we are recommending, we can either offer training or suggest training from other providers that are excellent.  

Following our LIVE 2-3 hour session with your team and ours, you will receive a 20-30 page BLUE PRINT for SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS.  We spend days analyzing your business, your competition, social media and identify where your biggest opportunities are for Social Media Marketing influence and success.  We consult with advisors to Facebook, Media influencers, and some of the biggest Marketing Experts who know the trends and can identify the gaps and places to surprise your competition.  

In this report, there are specific actionable insights, takeaways, and tools. Other Media Agencies charge well over $10,000 for sessions like this, and do not give you any ideas.   We give you a straight line to the magic tools you need, and you don't have to go to months of courses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Apps, etc...  

This is for companies who want to run Social Media in house, and also for companies who want to hire an external company and partner to manage their Social Media for them.   It takes a team to create outstanding results with Social Media Marketing.  We are here for you when you are ready to dominate!

*THE Final SOCIAL MEDIA BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS PDF IS delivered within 5 working days of the live session. 

For mORE INFORMATION OR To book this workshop for your business, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US: 

Kimberly Allison
CEO/ Director
Marketing Rx Inc.