"Reaching the consumer in today’s crowded media world takes a specialist.

Traditional methods just don’t work anymore.

The John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation works hand in hand with Marketing R/X to create great campaigns designed with both demographics and psychographics in mind to reach our customers on their chosen digital channels.

dBase management, custom video/audio from our key performers, creating compelling ‘free Samples’ and content that can be Shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, unique email blasts that keep our loyal followers up to date on our activities are all produced and scheduled in conjunction with Marketing R/X.

Over the past year this strategy has resulted in substantial increases in followers and direct engagement with people who 'buy tickets' to the Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree and Crescendo.

Our shift to 'digital' was timely and we're glad we have Kimberly and her team on our side."

- Marty Forbes
"Hands down Kimberly and her team at Marketing Rx will launch you into the social scene and get your company into the hearts of your clients and customers. We all would like to know who we do business with and this can not happen via the old traditional advertising in papers or radio. Social platforms allows for conversations to be organic and with real people and that is where Kim and her team shines. Kimberly takes the time to really get to know who you are, what you stand for, and gives you a complete package on how to take social media by storm. In our case, they entertain and add a positive contribution to social media all while turning negative feedback into leads. Kimberly puts in the work to make sure her clients are successful!"
- Tiffany Hodgson, Co-Owner, Ron Hodgson Chevrolet Buick GMC
MarketingRx Testimonial from Live Boldly

The BrainChild organizational team was very fortunate to tap into the vast knowledge and experience of Kimberly Allison, owner of Marketing RX. Kimberly volunteered her expertise to help BrainChild tailor a social media strategy that addressed the variety of needs the event has. She provided insightful direction and support regarding what social media tools should be used and how to use them in order to effectively meet the event needs. Kimberly went above and beyond in her initiative and professionalism.
— BrainChild Edmonton
Testimonial from ossab
In the spirit of the “30 Day Thank-You Challenge”, we wanted to share with others how grateful we are to the team at Marketing RX for their exceptional work and professionalism. We started to work together about two years ago with some trepidation regarding the success of a social media campaign for a service such as ours. We understand that most people do not enjoy being at a dental office. But they decided to take on the challenge. Fast forward to the present, and we have seen a consistent growth in the number of fans we have following our page. They have always followed our direction and also made very insightful recommendations regarding the management of our page. As busy professionals, it is comforting to know that they have our “backs” when it comes to content and delivery. Overall, ours has been a successful partnership and we highly recommend them to those of you who are reading this. You will not regret working with them. They are the best in our opinion. Thank you, Marketing RX, from all of us at Signature Dental.
— Signature Dental

We brought Kimberly and her company on board to manage and grow our social media presence in January 2015 and the growth and engagement have been phenomenal. Diligence and professionalism were the name of the game and I highly recommend Kimberly and her team if you want results.
— Gary Relling - CEO at Westgate Chevrolet

I so appreciate the time and effort you took to get to know our hotels and our business. The subject matter of your posts, conversations and contests has reflected each personality beautifully which in turn has impacted our engagement. Your mix of random topics, hotel specific/promotional and community interest posts is great and keeps things interesting and relevant. And you are selling guestrooms on social media too!
— Jane Jess - Director of Demand & Reputation Management, Westcorp Inc

“Best two hours ever!

Kimberley helped me with my branding in a highly competitive market. We discussed the various social media platforms and which would be most effective with my target market. What type of content I should be sharing, posting and how often. How to build relationships and add value to those in my network. Not just bore them with endless pictures of listings😂

The information was so straight forward and valuable. The best part of everything thing is that having more time than money at present, I can execute this plan immediately at virtually no cost compared to traditional marketing.

I would highly recommend Marketingrx to anyone who wants to develop an effective social media presence.”
— Avril Bell, Realtor with Melnychuk Realty

Kimberly is the real deal. She loves what she does and she can share that passion in such a way that leaves you wanting more. Kimberly Allison stepped in at the last minute to cover for a DEXIO session on Social Media. Not having previously met her, I was very apprehensive about what she might present, and if she would be able to clearly communicate her value. I am so grateful that she was willing to step up and help out even when she was not familiar with our organization. Not only did she provide great value and clearly communicate her points, but she did it with class, poise and charisma! In a world that keeps telling business to engage in social media, it can be scary to allow a 3rd party to manage your brand and identity on a platform, such as social media, that can grow so fast and almost feel beyond your control. If you want to embrace that world with confidence, I encourage you to grab a coffee with Kimberly Allison.
— Dan Duckering - Founding Partner at DEXIO Inc.

When Marketing Rx came along, we were doing Social Media “in House” had a solid 30 fans on Facebook and Twitter. In just 10 short months, Marketing Rx has exploded our social presence. Twitter followers are now over 4000 and our Facebook fans are over 4500 and growing every day and our business has grown in sales. Media and Marketing is all I do and Social Media is the right thing to do with Marketing Rx is right team of specialists to get you your Social Media FRIENDS.
— Chuck Tetrault – Marketing Director, Independent Jewellers