We know how to influence customers and drive them to your website or store.  We can help you attract targeted and convert new customers.  People don’t like to call or email anymore.  They like to interact where they are having fun.  And that’s on social media. Inquiries happen on a weekly basis for our retail customers.

 Ask us about the time we helped a 40-year old Edmonton business reach their highest recorded sales numbers in July using Social Media.

Some of our longest standing clients are retail clients, which means our foundation is built on producing the highest quality, results-driven digital marketing campaigns for lifestyle brands.


Many people do not like going into car dealerships or insurance companies with the fear of being SOLD or forced into something.

We develop the brand personality and focus on building the know, like and trust of the brand.  

When we interact with people on social media on behalf of the company, they become fans of the brand and will put that dealership on the top of the shopping list when they are in the market.

It’s all about building transparency.  Not just Sell Sell Sell.  And it works far better than a print ad for building long term raving fans.


There really is no B2C or B2B anymore.  It’s H2H.  Human to human.  There’s always people behind a decision to purchase.  Influencing them on Social Media is no different on B2B companies than B2C companies.  The strategy may change… the networks you use may lean more towards LinkedIn and Twitter.    But creating influence through a conversation, adding value, and building your reputation is the same. 



Events and concerts are a different animal. 

They require teaser campaigns to create excitement prior to ticket sales.  It also requires a well thought out plan on reaching fans.  Conceptualize a custom hashtag, graphics that are on brand, and drip marketing to drive ticket sales. 


We’ve created an influencer night prior to an event to drive more ticket sales days or weeks before the event.  This helps the social media “celebrities” with a huge following locally to push the information out on their networks in their voice.  This creates a ripple effect of people wanting to come to the event.


Our team can be LIVE at your event.  Broadcasting behind the scenes, and even on stage.  Live Facebook, Live Instagram, Instagrm Stories, Snapchat, Live on Twitter with Periscope.  The list is endless.


It’s important to analyze the interaction with the hashtags, the growth in fans/followers an click through’s for ticket sales.  As well as giving thank you’s to fans, sharing their images, and also thanking sponsors.


FOR MORE INFORMATION about social media marketing & management for your business, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US: 

Kimberly Allison
CEO/ Director
Marketing Rx Inc.