Free Advice

Is your social media UN-AWESOME? 

How do you know?

Check this list:
  1. Very little engagement on your Facebook or Twitter or any other platform. Hardly any LIKES or COMMENTS or CONVERSATIONS.
  2. Haven't grown your fans in months. None or very little increase, or worse yet DECREASE in FANS or FOLLOWERS.
  3. No time for content creation or curation.
  4. No strategy or goals set.  
  5. Not sure what would work to develop your brand on social media.
  6. No consistency. Have not been posting daily on all platforms that you are on.
  7. Facebook ads are something you know about but have never tried.
  8. You haven't seen any return on investment for your time or money spent on social media.
  9. No one has complimented or complained about your social media presence.  You may as well be invisible.
  10. Your kids tell you that your social media sucks.

*If you checked off any of these on the list, you should call our team on the bat phone asap