Social Media Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions about Social Media

The most common Social Media mistakes we find companies make are these:

  1. Wanting Quick Results and Fast ROI
    “I want 10,000 followers NOW!”
    It takes time to build a loyal targeting following and get results.
  2. “I was something to go viral”
    We think a cat dies every time we hear a client say they want to go viral.
    That just can’t be strategized.
  3. “I just want to give away an Ipad” 
    Only works if you already have a strong brand.
  4. “I’ll just get the intern or car lot guy to do the social media for us”
    It takes a team of experts to get you noticed and ROI.
  5. “Isn’t social media free?” 
    No it’s not free. It takes a lot of time and expertise to get it right and build your 
    influence and your business.
  6. “I’m on Facebook and Twitter.”
    But have you looked at it? Are you having conversations? Are you growing your fan base? 
    Are you driving sales back to your store? If not, you need our help.

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