Social media is like a fine chocolate: Sweet, addictive and satisfying. However, it can also be hazardous if consumed inappropriately.

We work with a lot of first time social media customers, AKA the Twitter Terrified and the Facebook Mystified. Let me guess… You're a little confused and possibly even overwhelmed by all the social media noise out there but you have a vague understanding that you need to get on the Social Media Train before it passes you by. *TOOT TOOT!* Sound familiar? Don't worry – You're not alone.

I personally have 17 years of media experience and six of those years were spent selling radio and discovering the power of social media. Oh, and when I say 17 years, I'm not including the decades of experience that my team possesses. Combined, we have, like, a billion years of collective knowhow. Well, billions may be a slight exaggeration but I'm chronophobic; the enormity of time and its relentless onward march freaks me out and I tend to round up when I'm estimating so I don't get sidetracked contemplating the eternity and how incidental our collective existence truly is… 

Sorry about that… Where was I? Social media. Right.


Our Process

  • Understand your company and your goals
  • Develop your digital personality
  • Create a custom strategy
  • Produce crave-able content, ads and contests.
  • Implement on social media channels.
  • Measure results with KPI reports
  • High-five you when we exceed the goals


Solutions We Offer

  • Short Term Event Management
  • Long Term Social Media Annual Management
  • Social Media Consulting Services
  • Workshops