We succeed in getting our clients Hashtag #Yegsingtree TRENDING on Twitter.

Marketing Rx is a proud partner of John Cameron Entertainment.  Last night they invited the media and we arranged to have Social Media INFLUENCERS at the rehearsal at The Jubilee Auditorium.  

John Cameron, Emmanuel Fonte, and Ariana Whitlow, and Brent Jones spoke of their passion for the Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree, the history of it, and the magic it has created in Edmonton for more than 40 years.  

Our team was there to capture the LIVE video, Instagram stories and Tweets.  
Today #yegsingtree is the TRENDING TOPIC on Twitter in Edmonton!  With shares from all the influencers across all social platforms, the engagement was epic and more and more people will know of the Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree and the support they give to Mental Health in Youth in Edmonton.


The show is this weekend only. Tickets at www.edmontonsingingchristmastree.com

We are so proud to be a part of their team.  They are truly special and are dedicated to changing lives with music.





Thanks to Trevor Boller Photography for this last photo! 

Thanks to Trevor Boller Photography for this last photo!